E-Commerce / 3D

We offer specific tools to repurpose data and images for cross-media utilization without adding cost and effort to the process. Based on defined profiles we are capable of automating correct data-conversion and -output for different web and print applications. You benefit from process setup experience and gain flexibility to address target groups without gaining cost and loosing out on publishing quality and control.

Content Management

Our content management assures correct output quality. This results in high data integrity and optimized data flow, thus saving you costs through an intelligent interconnection of systems. Content is prepared for different media in their corresponding format.

Static 2D/3D packshots

For faster and more economical viewing, we work with static 2D/3D packshots instead of Mockups. We apply variable viewing angles and visual parameters to instantly give you valuable impressions of your design for internal and external verification and presentation.

Interactive 3D packshots

With interactive 3D packshots you create the prerequisites for visualization in a real environment. Furthermore, these 3D packshots are well suited for electronic media usage and can be imbedded in modern web applications to enrich your customer’s visual product experience.

3D POS Visualizing

Your product impressions will become utmost realistic when the products are visualized in a virtual shop environment. Store animations are a useful decision-making tool and provide rich in-store experience, helping you to avoid expensive field trials.