Publish is a cloud based editorial programme, which greatly simplifies the collaboration between the editorial staff, layout and the proofreading department.

Amagoo Projects

Operating a Cloud editorial programme for print and digital, cloudbased printlayout services

The art of organizing

What's the deadline for having the texts at the layouting department? Has everything been deliverd? Has this page already been checked by a proofreader? These questions are daily routine in the publishing industry. Good for those that have patience and stamina. But you can also choose to do it differently, coordinated.




Having the right content is key. But that's not all. Sometimes the devil is in the details: separations, image resolution, file formats... Amagoo Publish is the platform where all stakeholders get togehter. Our platform offers i.a.:

  • Concurrent layouting
  • Insert texts directly in the forseen layout
  • Correct texts in the original layout
  • Constant overview of the as is situation
  • Design templates to fill out



What's the use of great content in a stunning design when it is not finished in time? Nothing, right? That's why we additionally provide interactive time schedules as well as a Wiki platform with tutorials that support the planning process at all times.

And when you have chosen for Amagoo's Layout Services, we also will take on the entire coordination of your printlayouts. From the design proposal up to the Print Data Check. Find out more here.


    Anyone that knows his way aroud all data formats and channels has a promising future. However not everyone has these competencies. We know our way around:

    • Data formats and their conversion
    • Quality factors for digital data
    • Automation and linking different systems

    These are complex matters but not when you are our customer. Our goal is to simplify your processes. So that you can focus on your core tasks – and maybe leave work earlier for a change.




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