Cloud Proofing

Cloud Proofing opens up completely new perspectives for colour accurate proofing: substantially lower costs and immediate availability through elimination of courier services. 

The intuitive user interface as well as full service maintenance make the creation of colour accurate proofs very easy. It only takes 4 mouse clicks and an internet connection to trigger a high-quality proof at a location of your choice. And this only within a few minutes and in highest quality.

Your advantages:

  • Easy handling, even for users without in-depth colour management knowledge
  • Browser-access, no plugins
  • Massive reduction of throughput speed for colour proofs
  • All-inclusive package: full service by Amagoo specialists, maintenance and consumables


Cloud Proofing from Packbox

When you are already using Packbox, proofing is even easier. You don't have to leave Packbox to trigger a proof from Amagoo. You simply have to provide the recipient address, type of packaging, number of proofs and you're all set!

Cloud Proofing @ Amagoo

After you have prepared your data files you upload it to our Cloud proofer. You select the desired profile and place your order. We either send you the proof via mail or you can pick it up at our office.

Build my own Cloud Proofing site

We build a Cloud Proofing station at a location of your choice and run it with a Full Service concept. Your team can proof at this location from anywhere in the world, and this at very interesting conditions.

Integrated Remote Proofing

Trigger your proofs manually or fully automated directly out of your Packbox project. This way you can proof at multiple locations with secured quality criteria and feedback.

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