Ammarkt AG / Livique

Always in the picture

A flood of images and large amounts of data, every day. Handling and processing these requires maximum efficiency and absolute systems reliability. Processes are more and more automated.

For years now, the image database Digibox has proven itself to be the preferred tool for handling and managing large amounts of data. It’s a valued workflow by both industrial customers and advertising agencies.

Mr. Alain Filli

Prepress specialist

An efficient solution to store and process large amounts of images for the production of advertising material, such as catalogs and brochures, for a Swiss furniture store.
Simplified transfer of large amounts of data. Efficient, preferably automated processes. Avoiding errors at the source.
Central image database Digibox and cloud hosting.

Amagoo’s achievement

Setup, installation and operation of the image database Digibox. Support, advice and coordination of all activities as well as quality control.


A professional and comprehensive solution. Highest reliability, excellent quality. Widespread satisfaction with the proven solution. Excellent cooperation between all parties: customer, agency and Amagoo.


Ongoing optimization of the cloud-based solution. Ongoing software updates. Installation, training and quick utilization of new value-adding features.

Could you tell us briefly what Livique tasks you solve together with Amagoo and how you collaborate on a day to day basis?

Alain Filli – The lead medium is the 220-page catalog with a myriad of products and images. Managing huge amounts of data calls for the best possible system. With Digibox we solve this requirement efficiently – fast and inexpensively. The images are stored channel-neutral and are converted for the respective job. Picture retouching, formatting and output take place quickly and mostly automatically as they are part of a standard process. For media-compatible output the images often have to be technically optimized. Amagoo solves this as well in a flexible manner and with perfect quality.

Interview with

Alain Filli

Prepress specialist

Mr. Filli, you have been working with Amagoo for years in the area of image processing and data management. What is crucial for you in this partnership?

Alain Filli – Most important to me are a partner’s reliability, quality and commitment. The technical solution has to work perfectly. Amagoo fully meets our requirements.

Does Amagoo then take over the entire image editing?

Alain Filli – Picture modifications that are directly related to the creation, are done by the photographer or the retoucher. In this case they supply images that have already been edited. These images often also have to be technically edited. When we have additional requests, we also ask Amagoo. Together with Amagoo, we can guarantee consistent quality for our customer Livique.

How would you describe the partnership?

Alain Filli – Professional, well-coordinated, trustful and reliable. The processes are clearly defined, the tasks distributed, the processes clear. The technical support is top notch. Amagoo has an enormous amount of experience and expertise in this area. Also, the expertise in various printing technologies is outstanding. Quite simply: Amagoo is always ready to help when we need it.

What about time and cost?

Alain Filli – It is hard to imagine working without Digibox as our image database: Being fast is essential. Particularly in the infrastructure/hardware we have savings: we do not have to invest in server hardware of backup systems and raster image processors as well as in output devices for proofing.

Do you have any unfulfilled wishes or special requests?

Alain Filli – When we have a request or when a minor problem arises, it is resolved immediately. In the long term we are absolutely confident that Digibox will be further optimized in the next versions. Something that perhaps would increase the comfort and security is to change the position of the button to clear and the button to delete data, since they are too close together. But that’s it. Everything top notch.

Ammarkt AG and Livique

Ammarkt AG was founded over 16 years ago and is now the leading East-Swiss Agency for Strategy, Marketing and Advertising. The company employs nearly 50 people in all disciplines of marketing communications.

Toptip was founded as Müller Bettwarenfabrik in Muhen in 1954. In 1978, the company was sold to Möbel Pfister, after which the launch of the brand Toptip followed in 1985. In 1994 Coop Switzerland AG took over the company and built up a national branch network. In 2018, the name Toptip was changed to Livique. Livique has more than 650 employees throughout Switzerland.

Conclusion and outlook

Digibox has proven itself in the past few years. The handling of large amounts of data is carried out smoothly and efficiently. The processes are well organized and structured. Cloud hosting provides easy online access to image data – at any time, from anywhere. Amagoo is a reliable partner, the cooperation is very pleasing and straightforward.