Consistency throughout all printing processes

When you produce a multitude of packaging, you are usually confronted with various printing processes and substrates. The big challenge is to continuously achieve the same results. This is only possible under optimal interaction between all the teams involved. 

Very few vendors in the prepress area have extensive experience, know-how and expertise across all printing technologies. Amagoo however, offers full expertise from A to Z.

Markus Fischer

Prepress Manager

All-round support, flexibility, pro-active service approach, expertise in all printing processes, professional advice.
Achieving the desired and defined colors and effects regardless of the chosen printing process and substrate, which is often aluminum.
Close collaboration, pro-active service approach, ongoing process-optimization. Close contact with the customer and knowledge transfer.

Amagoo’s achievement

All-round support, flexibility, pro-active service approach, expertise in all printing processes, professional advice.


Good collaboration between the persons involved. Time and cost savings. Comprehensive and structured quality assurance.


Ongoing optimization of the cloud-based solution. Ongoing software updates. Installation, training and upgrade to the latest version.

In which area are you working particularly close with Amagoo?

Markus Fischer – Amagoo supports us in the area of flexo throughout the complete preproduction process. With vast experience and advanced technology, Amagoo always finds a solution, even when sometimes compromises have to be made. But the solution is never a coincidence. The expertise of Amagoo is particularly valuable when we evaluate and test new materials or methods, because here unforeseen challenges often appear.

Interview with

Markus Fischer

Prepress Manager, Clondalkin

Mr. Fischer, why is Amagoo your partner of choice?

Markus Fischer – We need to rely on our production partners. Amagoo is the right partner for us because our questions, concerns and wishes are dealt with in a dedicated and swift manner. Amagoo is solution-oriented and very flexible.

Would you say that Amagoo is kind of a trouble shooter?

Markus Fischer – Yes, Amagoo frequently helps with trouble shooting. Overall we use Amagoo’s support and expertise on a day to day basis in the whole process, from design data verification, proofing to print data production/correction to reach optimal print results.

How do you experience the collaboration with Amagoo in general?

Markus Fischer – Very pleasant and constructive. Amagoo is very reliable and always on schedule. The quality is good, and the prices are fair.

What about the price performance ratio?

Markus Fischer – The market is under pressure, everyone wants to buy cheap – whether it’s printing plates, substrates, ink or finished packages. To increase efficiency is important for our corporate group. In this respect Amagoo has done its homework – efficiency improvement is an ongoing process for them. Amagoo is very open and supportive, even when we receive new IT regulations.

Would you recommend Amagoo as a partner?

Markus Fischer – Absolutely. Amagoo is technologically advanced and very solution-oriented. The communication works seamlessly. What else could you ask for?

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging

Clondalkin Group is an international producer of high value added packaging products. It holds leading positions in chosen market segments.  Clondalkin offers a wide portfolio of foil, film and paper based packaging products from 35 production locations in 10 countries throughout Europe and North America. The headquarters are located in Amsterdam. The group has an annual turnover of more than 700 million US$.