Coop Dentamed

Teeth shall be clean

Coop Dentamed project: overview

Teeth shall be clean

A new range of dental care products. A convincing design with different challenges that need to be resolved.
The design called for the use of an acetate film with several color codes on different containers (tubes, blisters, labels), which are in the end all to be uniformly displayed at the POS. After a detailed analysis and verification of the design requirements, a feasible solution was presented and implemented in collaboration with the designers. Amagoo took care of all the technical requirements.

Technical implementation of the packaging materials for the new dental care line Dentamed, to assure that the challenging design can be perfectly reproduced on tubes, pouches and cartons. This requires specialists.
Not 100%, but very close to the original design idea.
The design had already been approved. Amagoo’s task was to technically implement this design on all substrates and printing methods.

Significant facts

Amagoo achievement

Analysis and detailed examination of the feasibility (design validation). Technical clarifications with the printer, professional support up to the press checks in Poland, Spain, Germany.


The final product delivers the effect that Coop wished for: a deeper understanding of the complexity, an increased reliability and comfort feeling for the customer.

Conclusion / Outlook

Coop will continue to work with Amagoo.

Parties involved

  • Design agency ECHT
  • Judith Imhof (Coop)
  • Jakob Hasler, Thomas Hunziker (Amagoo AG)

Coop statements on selected tools and topics

Coop uses different, complementary services of Amagoo. The employees in procurement and marketing quickly become comfortable with the new process and appreciate the high added value that the cooperation with Amagoo brings.


Packbox is used by Coop´s supply chain. Amagoo and the design agencies use the tool for preliminary clarifications, information-sharing and technical printing related questions. Coop´s objective is to unburden, that’s why all the preliminary investigations are delegated. Packbox complements the Packaging Workflow at Coop.


Our collaboration with Amagoo has generated and saved costs. At this stage it is difficult to make binding statements about the cost side. We will know more in a year from now. For us it is important that at Amagoo we receive comprehensive services for a fair market price. The level of cooperation is definitely an important element when it comes down to quality and security.

On-site proofing

Many projects, many proofs: Up to now, the proofing process was time consuming and expensive because everything had to pass through many hands. Amagoo then proposed and implemented a remote proofing solution to us. The time problem as well as the physical distances was thereby resolved: we now have the possibility to request proofs from our agency via Cloud at all times.

Design Checks

With the establishment of design and validation checks, cloud proof and print data-check/verification, we save costs, reduce throughput times and improve the quality. Proofing overall goes more quickly and directly.

Quality and documentation

The quality of the products and services is outstanding. We value the transparent documentations and we are always up to date.


Our experience with the Dentamed project and other complex tasks has absolutely confirmed that we have found another great partner in Amagoo. Conclusion: Very high level of expertise, high throughout, great workflow, high service levels and overall very good results. In addition, working with Amagoo is very pleasant.

Outlook: Cooperation Coop/Amagoo

We want to make sure that the designers can concentrate on their core business and that specialists carry out premedia processes. A cooperation with Amagoo brings many benefits. By assigning tasks to specialized partners we are more flexible and less dependent – this is an important concept in view of the large amount of packaging that we are continuously working on.

We are currently working with seven design agencies that work on different volumes and specialties. The knowledge and expertise in premedia processes vary greatly, accordingly does the quality of the results. There is a lot of potential to optimize the results.

In addition to the goal of reaching higher quality we want to increase the efficiency in the Premedia process. With Amagoo we are also on the right track in this regard. Even the first projects have clearly demonstrated the tremendous efficiency potential in processes and methods of Amagoo. The relief in procurement and marketing is enormous, the quality is guaranteed and we can spend the time we saved on our core responsibilities. We look forward to a further successful collaboration.