COOP Naturaline

Completely natural

Even in regards to natural cosmetics, Coop sets a clear example. After the relaunch, the Naturaline Cosmetics range is presented in a new fresh look. In close collaboration with printers in the United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland, Amagoo ensures that the packaging - across all different types of materials and packaging types - has an identical printing quality.

Coop Naturaline project: overview

Naturaline Cosmetics relaunch.
Collaboration with Amagoo brings expertise and security. The design agency provides expert support. Direct communication with all manufacturers and all printers.
All products are launched on day x. Organization, planning and coordination place the highest demands. The Naturaline Cosmetics range contains different packaging materials and shapes. The final print has to look alike on labels, tubes and folding carton.

Result / significant facts

Ergebnis / signifikante Punkte

Amagoo’s achievement

Design-Check, analysis, project planning, design-agency coaching, print data creation, briefing the printer, print check/proof.


The relaunch goes smoothly. Coop achieves the desired outcome.

Conclusion / Outlook

In future Coop will always work with Amagoo when high technical demands are at stake. Amagoo sets the standard in the premedia-process. Amagoo will also check the reprints carefully and systematically.

Parties involved

  • Design agency Schaffner & Conzelmann
  • Judith Imhof (Coop)
  • Jakob Hasler, Thomas Hunziker (Amagoo)

"Für mich und dich" (for you and me)

The Coop group needs little introduction. Swiss marketleaders Migros and Coop are running a head-to-head race for years – not only in the classical retail business. The range of services stretches from furniture, Do-it-Yourself, pharmacies and banking to food wholesalers, electronics, travel and natural cosmetics to online stores, wine trade or appliances.

In retail, most purchase decisions are made spontaneously. Tens of thousands of products on shelves scream: Buy me! Therefore, packaging plays a crucial role. It is clear that Coop does not make compromises in this area. The cooperation with Amagoo is an important factor in the quest for top quality and maximum consistency.