Eric Schweizer AG

A case for Packbox

When data from different partners accumulates over the years, you can quickly lose the overview. In this case, an intelligent central data management can work wonders.

With a systematic approach and the software tool Packbox, Amagoo offers a clever solution – from initial scoping to the development of a clear requirement statement. The result is a new process that has proven to be a fitting solution within a short time frame. The investment paid off quickly.

Ruth Spring

Marketing manager

Analyse and improve a decentral data-structure and analog packaging management.
Bringing different sources, various locations and printing processes, several production partners and designers under one roof and inspiring them with an intelligent solution.
Centralized premedia data & process management with Packbox and prepress support.

Amagoo’s accomplishment

Project coordination, requirements, conception and realization of a multi-user solution with high savings potential.


The customer benefits from Amagoo’s expertise and experience. Packbox is used consistently. Shorter lead times, high security, more convenience.


The daily use of packaging data is significantly simplified. The expertise of the Amagoo team and the overall service is greatly valued.

Interview with

Ruth Spring

Marketing manager

Mrs Spring, you have opted for an intelligent solution to centralize all your packaging data. What was the major reason for this decision?

Ruth Spring – The amount of effort that we put into the decentralized storage and management of our data was enormous. We often spent a lot of time searching for the appropriate data. With the new solution, we save a lot of time and money and we gained full security.

Why Amagoo?

Ruth Spring – We have been working with various partners for a long time, but we also contacted new, potential partners. Amagoo convinced us: based on a well defined requirement profile the team configured a customized solution.

What are the main strengths of the new solution?

Ruth Spring – The main functions of Packbox are the central data storage, online access and openness for our customers. Access is clearly regulated and can happen at any time. The processing times are greatly reduced.

Which features are indispensable?

Ruth Spring – In addition to the advantages already mentioned, I find the standardized integration of professional 3D Packshots extremely helpful. Our distribution partners and retail customers use these images and animations for their own catalogs and online shops. The quality of the images has been improved massively. The pictures are accessible much earlier in the process. This is important for us in regards to sales pitches, product launches, as well as forward planning on print media.

What are the specific results of your collaboration with Amagoo?

Ruth Spring – An overall satisfactory solution, developed through professional teamwork. Transparency in every phase of the project. Efficient, goal-oriented approach. Superior quality, constantly reproducible.

Eric Schweizer AG

Eric Schweizer AG is a leading producer of agriculture and pet care products. The services range from lawn/landscaping, to seeds and cultivations as well as animal food and pet care products.

The company celebrates its 175th anniversary in 2015 and is committed to this day to its traditional Swiss values and virtues. Innovation from the in-house laboratory for soil and environmental analysis as well as from the Institute of Lawn and Landscaping ensure the success of its core business and accelerate the development and expansion of new business areas. The company is headquartered in Thun and has six subsidiaries throughout Switzerland, serving the Swiss and selected export markets.