Glanzmann Schöne Design

More security, more convenience

For over 20 years the design agency Glanzmann Schöne develops and implements brands and identities for demanding customers in the border triangle of Switzerland, Germany and France. Their main focus lays on packaging projects for Coop: since 1996, the agency is successfully working together with Coop. 
Around 15 employees are challenged every day to achieve excellence in strategy, design, creation and production. Being a strong partner with substantial contributions to quality, consistency and productivity, Amagoo has also been on board since 2013.

Markus Schöne

General Manager

Quality, efficiency and productivity increase, reduction of throughput times, elimination of errors.
Direct contact with the chosen printing plants (printing plant is selected and assigned by the product manufacturer).
Amagoo's achievement
Cloud Proofing, Packbox, on-site proofing infrastructure, contact person available at all times, comprehensive training and support.


Throughput increase, overall productivity and efficiency improvement. Proofs are immediately available at the agency, improved print quality control (via Packbox), avoidance of many errors. Early design evaluation for production feasibility.

Conclusion & outlook    

The cooperation with Amagoo is excellent, technical and social skills are convincing. In the triangle Coop - Glanzmann Schöne Design - Amagoo we work efficiently. The integration of the printing plant in this digital process creates additional efficiencies.

Amagoo’s team

Jakob Hasler, Andi Wieland

How did this close cooperation between Glanzmann Schöne and Amagoo develop?

Markus Schöne – Amagoo came to us upon request from Coop. At the beginning the distance between Lörrach and Arbon was a weighty argument against cooperation. The installation of a cloud proofing system however resolved this wisely, quickly and convincingly. Distances today no longer play an important role.

Interview with

Markus Schöne, Ulrike Maywald

General Manager / Production

Is there no lack of personal contact, information exchange and communication?

Markus Schöne – Not at all. We maintain close contact with the experts at Amagoo. Someone from Amagoo regularly visits our Agency. The designers and production managers then discuss the latest jobs and possible ambiguities in person. Our contact persons at Amagoo are easily reachable.

How do you rate the professional competence of Amagoo, how do you experience the partnership?

Ulrike Maywald – The advice and support we receive is valuable and enriching. With Amagoo we have found a partner who we can always rely on. The training for the proofing system as well as for Packbox were excellent and comprehensive. We are very satisfied with the cooperation both on a technical and human level.

What are the main benefits of this close partnership?

Markus Schöne – Clearly an increase in quality, time savings and a direct link to the printing plants (see more information under “Packbox”). We gain security. Through direct access to the centrally managed data for all parties involved, there’s no room for any blame game: responsibilities are clearly defined in the process and are reproducible at any time.


Ulrike Maywald – We no longer want to miss out on Amagoo’s support. The most important added value: reliability, mutual trust.

Do you have any concerns or wishes for Amagoo, on your cooperation?

Ulrike Maywald – Basically, we are very satisfied. If we have one desire, it would be for a more intuitive handling, improvements in screen design and simplifications in handling. These are continuous challenges with development potential.

Cloud Proofing

Proofs play a very important role in everyday life and are usually time-sensitive. A collaboration between the Agency in Lörrach and Amagoo in Arbon (Lake Constance) cause a lot of courier trips and still takes too long. The solution: Installation of a proofing infrastructure, transfer and retrieval of data via cloud, on site proofs. Result: Massive time savings, greater efficiency, enhanced productivity.


The next and logical step after installing cloud proofing is Packbox. The workload of the agency however, is not greatly simplified with this central data management. Initially it often even takes a bit more effort, because different processes are redundant. The big gain in the first place is the structuring and standardization of processes. Secondly, the centralized data management guarantees that all parties are working with the same data which can be download immediately. Thirdly, security is obtained.


The geographical distances can be overcome with technology, but should not replace the personal contact.
A professional successful partnership is based on know-how, reliability and trust.
Extensive introduction and training accelerates utilisation and reduces resistance.Packbox structures and standardizes processes. Work becomes more efficient and easier to control, projects can be edited independently of individual employees.Packbox thus offers more safety: all persons involved work with the current data, many sources of error are eliminated.