Kühne Grafik

Focus on the core tasks

Packaging designers like Hans Kühne are often in a tough spot: on the one side there’s the creative requirements from a marketing and design perspective, on the other side the technical challenges in prepress and packaging printing.

When administration, data management and coordination are added to this, the workload becomes a significant challenge. This is where Amagoo AG’s "Packbox" comes into play– an intelligent solution for central data management with high savings.

Hans Kühne


Centralizing the data management, integrating production partners such as designers, prepress and production/printing.
Constructive collaboration of all parties involved.
Central storage of data and final artwork.

Amagoo’s achievement

Project coordination, requirements profile, conception and realization of a multi-user solution with high savings. Managing the technical clarifications.


Functioning network, individual access to Cloud data, significant time and cost savings.


Further development of the application, increasing standardization and automation of processes. Support in the realization.

Interview with

Hans Kühne


Mr. Kühne, you have been working with Amagoo’s „Packbox“ since a couple of weeks. Which changes did it bring to you, being a packaging designer?

Hans Kühne – The major change concerns data handling in general. Before working with Packbox a lot of time went into making clarifications with prepress and the printing plant. These tasks however do not belong to my core activities and have increasingly absorbed much of my time. On the other hand it enabled me to build up valuable knowledge.

What are the strenghts of the new solution?

Hans Kühne – Before Packbox extensive research and clarifications were required, which did not help my productivity. Today I can fully concentrate on the layout and design of the packaging - timely and financially a true benefit for everyone involved. I simply need to upload the data to the server, the technical printing clarifications are taken care of by the specialists at Amagoo together with the printing plants.

What Packbox features do you no longer want to miss out on?

Hans Kühne – With Packbox, the central data storage is one of the most important advantages. For Eric Schweizer’s Delisse line, we are working with cans, bags, folding cartons and glasses. The packages are produced in different printing plants, nationally and internationally. The corresponding coordination, data processing as well as the technical clarifications are now managed by the Amagoo experts. I am completely satisfied with this process. I can concentrate on creation and graphics and I work much more efficiently.

How high do you estimate the potential for time and money saving?

Hans Kühne – I save about half of the time compared to before. From a cost perspective for an extensive project this quickly comes down to a quarter of the total expenditure. In a project of CHF 100,000, I estimate the savings in administration to be around CHF 25,000. We still incur part of these costs, however at a different place. Bottom line: it results most certainly in a saving of unnecessary costs.

Kühne Grafik

KÜHNEGRAFIK is an independent studio in Oberhofen am Thunersee and has a second office in Basel. Its core competencies are consultancy, design and realization within the areas of corporate design, print-media design creation, magazine and book design, artwork as well as packaging and web design. When required, Hans Kühne teams up with his partners from EINFACHGRAFIK.

The appropriate partners are selected from a network of photographers, copy writers, programmers, and marketing professionals. This way KÜHNEGRAFIK can offer a full service.