The perfect stocking

Every day a step further - this slogan is lived at SIGVARIS on a day-to-day basis for over 150 years. As a result, the family business developed into the world's leading manufacturer of compression garments with approximately 1,400 employees.

The variety of products and services, the three market segments Medical, Well-Being and Sports as well as the global presence require a huge coordination effort - especially in marketing and packaging. SIGVARIS AG in St.Gallen therefore appears to be another case for Amagoo’s expertise...

The SIGVARIS project: overview

  • Centralized data management implementation within the scope of redesigning all packages in the medical field

  • Brand Consistency: Reproducible quality, consistency across various substrates and several printing plants

  • Increased process efficiency
Complete documentation, traceability



Isabelle Bernard

Brand Manager

Mission and objectives
Implementation of an intelligent solution for centralized storage and management of packaging data, single source process management from A to Z, general increase of quality.
Getting the various stakeholders (marketing, designers, prepress, printers) on board, comprehensive quality management, combinations of different substrates and printing processes.
Central data storage and data management with Packbox, centralized final drawings (open data), 3D visualization / packshots for advertising material, technical briefing: documentation, on-site print checks.

Result / significant facts

  • General increase in efficiency through centralized data storage

  • Major time saving in the processes
Increased packaging quality and packaging consistency

  • Confidence in the know-how and expertise of Amagoo AG 
Increase in security and reliability


SIGVARIS took Amagoo on board for a complex packaging project. The tasks have been solved outstandingly. The focus for the near future relates to the expansion of Packbox and of the documentation - with the aim of storing all data centrally in the foreseeable future.

Interview with

Isabelle Bernard

Brand Manager, Sigvaris AG Switzerland

Frau Bernard, what triggered the initiative for a collaboration with Amagoo?

Isabelle Bernard – Initially we had a request for image editing. During the printing process however strange effects and moiré occured. So we asked for more support and advice during the print check, and one thing led to another.

Which other services do you use today?

Isabelle Bernard – We have decided that all the images that are used for our packaging will be edited by Amagoo. During a small print series - like a trial order - lots of questions and uncertainties emerged at the printing plants. This led to the decision to also manage all the final artwork for the printers centrally. Meanwhile with "Packbox" we have implemented another tool and we now manage our packaging data centrally. Amagoo also supported us during the print checks.

Which additional obstacles had to be overcome?

Isabelle Bernard – We work with three printing plants, and each one of them prints a different blue. This is unacceptable for us. It is particularly bad when shell and top cover of the same packaging don’t have the same color.

What do you expect from a strong partner?

Isabelle Bernard – Know-how and experience are certainly important. Crucial for a good teamwork however, is the quality of the relationship: you must be able to rely on each other. The bottom line is, that it is very nice to work with Amagoo.

How do you rate the Amagoo services compared to the costs?

Isabelle Bernard – We save lots of time with Packbox, because all the people involved have direct access to the data. We also really value the documentation. All parties involved use the same version, everything is traceable and uncertainties are resolved quickly.

What are your benefits in the collaboration with Amagoo?

Isabelle Bernard – For me personally, the documentation is one of the most important features. In the past, it was sometimes very time-consuming to process and store the various annotations and corrections of all the parties involved. Today this runs smoothly, professionally and secure.


Every Day a Step Further
The Swiss family company SIGVARIS is the world leader in the production of elastic fabrics. The company was established in 1864 in Winterthur.  It produces rubber elastic textiles for the domestic market and selected export markets. The name SIGVARIS is closely associated with the family name Ganzoni - until recently the company was led by the owners.

A milestone was reached in 1960 with the development and launch of a medical compression stocking to improve and relieve venous-related conditions. The product portfolio was expanded when the SPORTS and WELL BEING lines were added to the main MEDICAL line.

Maximum customer benefit

Everything from one single source

SIGVARIS strongly values the cooperation with a single, highly competent partner. This eliminates a lot of coordination and administration.

Better quality, more security

Through detailed documentation we increase the quality of our packaging solutions and gain security by simplifying processes and running them centrally.

Saving time and costs

In particular in documentation we save around one third of the cost. The technical coordination has become much easier since we have implemented Packbox.