Atlassian Confluence for Business Teams

Who doesn’t recognize this? One of your colleagues sent the meeting notes to the team via email. Now you would like to understand which cover picture was decided upon. Unfortunately your email client was not designed for such researches and it takes way too long to find the information you were looking for.

Atlassian Confluence is an easy to use collaboration platform to create and share content and knowledge transparently. Team collaboration redesigned.

Document, create tasks and share content

Thanks to the Meeting Notes Templates of Confluence you can save your notes centrally with a WYSIWIG editor and distribute tasks in your team, upload screenshots or drafts per drag-n-drop and share all of this with only one mouse click.

Intuitive, modern task management

With Confluence you can assign tasks to certain users and even set a deadline at any time. Each user receives an automated notification that he has been assigned with a task. Additionally, a standard function enables each user to view all of his tasks at a glance. Once you have completed a tasks, you can simply tick the box.

Collaboration in real time

Content for a new website landing page or blog is often written in Word and then shared with other team members via email. After numerous feedback emails and correction cycles, you may have lost the overview. Confluence has an ingenious solution for such situations:  joint editing. Various team members can edit content or commentate simultaneously and can even see in real time which user is making which change.

Everything perfectly organized

Working with Confluence is fun because it is so easy to use. The number of standard functions are comprehensive and include for instance a brilliant search function with match suggestions and much more. All content creation and design can be done by drag-n-drop in a WYSIWIG editor. In case the standard functions would exceptionally not be sufficient, you will definitely find a solution on Marketplace which offers more than 3000 add-ons.

Easily create and share content

Contains optimal templates for project roadmaps, meeting notes, work areas, documentation.

Improved team collaboration

Joint editing of pages, feedback via inline comments or integrating colleagues with the @mentions-function.

Clearly organized content


Gather coherent texts in one space, to which you, your team or everyone has access.

Managed Confluence 10 users

  • Own Confluence server license
  • Own server with admin access
  • 10 named users
  • Hosting in Arbon, Switzerland
  • Fail safety and backup
  • Own sub-domain (
  • 150 GB memory

Additional 25 users

  • Prerequisite is Confluence for 10 users
  • 15 additional named users