Atlassian Jira for Business Teams – Project Management redesigned

Atlassian Jira is a web based application for creating and managing projects and allows you to control the status of your tasks at any time by using boards.

Define workflows and easily manage projects

Jira workflows define the process of your project and enable your team to track tasks. You can visualize your workflows with scrum or kanban boards and move tasks by drag-n-drop from to-do into resolved.

Create and assign tasks – entirely without emails

For achieving an uncomplicated task management in  Jira all status information, comments and attachments are stored in one location. This way your team quickly has an overall overview without having to send emails around or hold a meeting. Automatic notifications remind you of tasks that are soon due.

Track performance and identify bottlenecks

How many tasks are still in process? Which team member had too much workload? With Jira you can track the status of your team’s projects in different ways: a quick overview, customized dashboards or a predefined report. You can even add a calendar view.

Visual project overview in Boards

Team members have at all time the overview of which tasks have already been resolved and which haven’t. You can easily change the status of a task by drag-n-drop.

Important information in one place

All important details such as editor, due date, dependencies, comments or attachments are summarized in the task details.

Reporting tools identify bottlenecks

Report templates and dashboards give you a powerful overview, for instance about the workload of your team.

Managed Jira 10 users

  • Own Jira server license
  • Own server with admin access
  • 10 named users
  • Hosting in Arbon, Switzerland
  • Fail safety and backup
  • Own sub-domain
  • 150 GB memory

Additional 25 users

  • Prerequisite is Jira for 10 users
  • 15 additional named users