Atlassian Jira Service Desk for business teams

Do you know the feeling, to come back to your desk to discover dozens of new emails?

Orders, offers, requests, releases, discussions, … they all arrive via email. Some tasks require a quick reply others take more time to resolve. Many discussions go back and forth several times. And what if two people give feedback simultaneously? With Jira Service Desk your requests are transformed into editable tasks.

User friendly customizable customer portal

Customers or employees can submit a request via a user friendly customer portal. Jira Service Desk automatically transforms the request into an editable task. This way you don’t only maintain the overview but you can easily communicate with your customers without using email but via your own branded customer portal.

All important information in one place

All status information, comments and attachments are summarized in one place and enable straightforward task management. This way you can deal with any request or order without loosing track of important details such as due date.

Integrate confluence in your customer portal

When you connect Jira Service Desk with Confluence, you can already help your customers before contacting you. Furthermore, the customer portal can suggest a set of predefined answers thanks to artificial intelligence which is managed and allocated in Confluence.

Your own customer portal

Provide an easy-to-use help center for your customers, a platform on which they can ask questions and find answers quickly.

Customer inquiries become tasks

All requests are automatically transformed in editable tasks, enabling you to respond quickly. Your customers will be thankful.

No license costs for your customers

One of the advantages is that your customers can access your help desk without having to pay any additional license fees.

Managed ServiceDesk 3 agents 10 contributors

  • Own Service Desk server license
  • Own server with admin access
  • 3 agents, 10 contributors, x customers
  • Hosting in Arbon, Switzerland
  • Fail safety and backup
  • Own sub-domain (
  • 150 GB memory

Surcharge for additional users

  • Prerequisite is Jira ServiceDesk 3 agents 10 contributors
  • Additional agents or contributors