Amagoo Packbox – cloud based solution for packaging projects

Packbox is a cloud-based solution for efficiently executing packaging design projects, and helps you to resolve even the most complex challenges in the packaging production process. The scope involves the whole process chain from design specification through to the delivery of finished printing design data.



Intelligent project management

Dynamically configurable forms enable you to easily enter all relevant data, assuring that all relevant project information is available right from the beginning. Have all packaging data in one place and accessible via browser to each person involved. It enables you to handle projects more securely and faster, and at the same time reduce idle time and errors.

Asset library for designs, CAD and 3D data

Packbox is a web based, central secure and very flexible library for your packaging projects and al order-releveant data, such as design creation, final artwork, printing data, die-cuts, graphics, logo’s, images, text and other packaging relevant elements. It also includes a component- and version control as well as additional functions to share and comment on data.

Check, commentate and approve

With Packbox you can have your designs checked on for example content and chromaticity, and you can trigger an approval cycle at anytime from anyplace. Ongoing approval cycles are clearly displayed in a dashboard and can be viewed in the reporting and analysis tool. The optional proofreading function allows you to verify barcodes, QR-codes and braille on accuracy.

Clear ROI

Your team will be more effective and your customers happier. In this example you can see how long certain tasks last when you do them manually and how much time you can save when you let Amagaoo Packbox do these tasks automatically for you.

Packbox for agencies

Packaging Designers execute all relevant steps and upload the design for the end customer into the cloud.  All stakeholders have the overview and the process is very efficient.

Especially designed for:
design agencies, packaging designers


Packbox for Brands

The digital home for your packaging: Designs, CADs, briefings, comments, translations: everything in one place and always accessible incl. next generation collaboration.

Especially designed for:
brand owners, private label and retailers


Packbox for Printers

Have all your prepress data organized: customer information, one-up, printing forme, CAD, comments. Everything in one place and always accessible incl. next generation collaboration.

Especially designed for:
packaging printers, commercial printers

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