Amagoo Packbox for Brands

As a Brand Owner you need efficient processes to manage your packaging projects quickly and without errors. Duplications, additional costs as well as a bad consistency at Point of Sale are fatal for a brand’s competitiveness. Read more on this topic in our Blog.

Packbox is a cloud-based solution for efficiently executing packaging design projects. All relevant information and designs are stored in one central location and all stakeholders have access to it. In Packbox you manage and centralize the communication between the designers and your customer throughout the entire process chain, from initial design up to the delivery of finished printing design data.

Save artwork in the cloud

No more endless searching for data! All your design and printing data as well as die-cuts, approval information and much more is online available for your team

Packaging design teamwork

When you and your team are working on a design you can commentate, discuss, compare versions, and much more

All projects in one overview at any time from anyplace

Packbox helps you each day to keep track of all new, ongoing and closed jobs, and takes a number of tasks away from you thanks to automation

Packbox Share

  • Packaging project management
  • Save your artwork in the cloud
  • Check designs, discuss and approve
  • Packbox-App for mobile phones included

Packbox Automate

  • Packbox Share functions
  • Intelligent project management
  • Integrated proofreading
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Process automation


Packbox Enterprise

  • Pick the modules of your choice
  • Hosting in the data center at our HQ (Arbon, CH)
  • On-premise deployment possible
  • Admin access for your IT
  • Full system configuration possible
  • Virtualization for high availability (optional)