Amagoo Packbox – functional overview

Packbox is a cloud-based solution for efficiently executing packaging design projects, and helps you to resolve even the most complex challenges in the packaging production process. The scope involves the whole process chain from design specification through to the delivery of finished printing design data..

Intelligent project management

Dynamically configurable forms enable you to easily enter all relevant data, assuring that all relevant project information is available right from the beginning.
Have all packaging data in one place and accessible via browser to each person involved. It enables you to handle projects more securely and faster, and at the same time reduce idle time and errors.

Asset library for designs, CAD and 3D data

Packbox is a web based, central secure and very flexible library for your packaging projects and al order-releveant data, such as design creation, final artwork, printing data, die-cuts, graphics, logo’s, images, text and other packaging relevant elements. It also includes a component- and version control as well as additional functions to share and comment on data.

Check, commentate and approve

With Packbox you can have your designs checked on for example content and chromaticity, and you can trigger an approval cycle at anytime from anyplace. Ongoing approval cycles are clearly displayed in a dashboard and can be viewed in the reporting and analysis tool. The optional proofreading function allows you to verify barcodes, QR-codes and braille on accuracy.

Integrated Remote Proofing

Trigger your proofs manually or fully automated directly out of your Packbox project. This way you can proof at multiple locations with secured quality criteria and feedback.

Multistage project management and process automation

Defined workflows create clear responsibilities and reduce throughput time. With Packbox you can configure these workflows in a flexible and user-friendly way. Various automatisms increase efficiency and reduce the amount of error. Structured project hierarchies enable dependencies and cross-project planning.

Steer multilingual projects with content management

The integrated content management system facilitates the collaboration with multilingual packaging.  Project related management and approval of text and their translation reduce the amount of work for all teams involved. Automated nutrition tables based on metadata enable a fast and error-free reaction on modifications, even under time pressure.

Changes and advanced features

You can expand and your Packbox functions at random. Our team integrates Packbox into existing individual system solutions, e.g. in an existing on-site Automation Engine. We have built a large portfolio of standard functions for our customers, and expand these with additional solutions that meet your specific needs, thus expanding the already comprehensive features of Packbox.