3D Packaging

Already at the very beginning of a brand new packaging design, visualizing your packaging is extremely beneficial. Not everyone can imagine a flat design on a 3-dimensional packaging. Even at a later stage, it's utmost advantageous to have a digital 3d at hand.

Amagoo's 360° Packaging Design Visualization

In order to thoroughly evaluate a design you either need a dummy/prototype (aktual sample, e.g. digitally printed and manually assembled) or a digital prototype. Both are possible and have different advantages. Some people love to physically hold a prototype in their hands, however this costs lots of money and time.

Amagoo's 360° Packaging Design Visualization provides digital samples that can be visualized on all devices. It is also possible to interactively view your packaging from different angles.

Who can benefit from this?

  • Marketingteams within brand companies
  • Packaging developers
  • Packaging designers
  • Prepress and Sales teams of printing companies


As of 95 CHF

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Common applications:

  • Visualizing a design variety
  • For the use of e-commerce purposes
  • For integration in Productsheets or catalogs


360 Degree Care White Schmid Rhyner       360 Degree Care Black Schmid Rhyner

Amagoo 360° Packshots 

A digital packaging is not always easy to make. Especially visualizing content in highest quality, can quickly push up pricing. In such cases a 360 degree picture is a genuine alternative. These packshots can be viewed from different angles in your webbrowser.


  • Product is placed on a rotary plate
  • The product turns mechanically
  • The camera automatically takes pictures from different angles
  • From all these single frames we make a pivoting 360 degree webimage


As of 135 CHF

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