At Amagoo premedia means providing top conditions to facilitate outstanding printed products. Each substrate and printing process requires a specific data preparation. Amagoo has the expertise, know-how and experience, to drive complexe packaging-projects in an efficient way.

Our Premedia service portfolio focuses on constant high quality and consistency of different packagings within the same product line, lower costs and a fast throughput.


Printing data for al printing methods

The technical preparation of design data starts with thorough data verification in terms of completeness and editability. Each project requires design verification within the standardized process. We check and enhance separations, trapping, overpring, line thicknesses, cad-position, bar codes and convert data for optimal printing.

Your benefits:

  • Duplications are eliminated
  • You can rely on a consistent execution
  • High-level expertise in printing processes, allow us to work faster and more effective
  • Based on high flexibility we provide optimized data within shortest timeframes
  • You gain security and consistency through standardized and highly automated pre-press processes

Picture editing

Our process-optimized picture editing services guarantee highest picture quality in all printing processes, maximum consistency and strong POS impact.The right data adjustments kann save you hours on the printing machine.

Design adaptions

The creation of efficient design adaptions for different packaging versions based on intelligent templates according to type, country, language or size. Again here the goal is maximum uniformity, highest quality and efficiency.

Adaptions are optimally are managed and processed by our Packbox. From the very beginning of a project, over variations, right through to the approval and delivery of the printing data to the printer - all stakeholders can easily execute their tasks while maintaining the overview at all times. With the optional Print Quality Services we clarify the feasibility with the printer already during the design phase. This significantly saves time and money.


Colour binding proofs

Colour binding proofs provide additional security and complete the production briefings:

  • Production of standardized, colour accurate halftone and screen proofs
  • for all printing processes
  • Following ISO/Fogra Standards
  • Creation of concept proofs on original substrates and foils
  • White and metallic colour simulation
  • Development of specific in-house standards when ISO/Fogra standards are not applicable.

Do you know our Cloudproofing solution? A highly efficient way to create and destribute colour binding standardized proofs.

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