Print Quality

With extensive expertise in all printing processes and manufacturing techniques, we achieve best feasible quality production. With an intelligent process coordination, we support project managers, designers, print buyers, printers, marketers and other involved professionals.

Our print quality standards are very high. The processes, tools and methods that we use to achieve the required premium quality are as sophisticated.

Brand company services

Design Check

Excellent printing quality starts with a comprehensive Design Check: We carefully check the plausibility and feasibility of packaging designs - the sooner, the better. An assessment of the planned production process as well as potential production partners relentlessly uncovers gaps and weaknesses. Based on these findings we draw technical briefings and recommend suitable partners. Designers gain valuable advice and can work more efficiently. By adding measures to improve efficiency these benefits can be multiplied.

Print Check

In the course of a print check we verify data shipping coordinates, briefing and proofs. Comparing printed results with a technical briefing makes quality measurable. Our quality management team is reliable and applies strategies for continuous improvement.

Line Sample creation

When you are producing very high volumes and you want to play it safe, we recommend producing a "star-sample". Under realistic conditions, the highest reproducible quality in terms of measurable printing samples will be standardized. These samples function as binding samples for the various suppliers. In combination with a sophisticated quality system under defined parameters everybody is enabled to keep quality under control throughout different production batches.

Would you like to know more about this process? We are happy to provide you with more information.

Printing process standardization

Printing at the highest quality level is a challenge. Producing consistent quality is an important prerequisite for packaging printers, to build sustainable relationships with brand companies. Creation of a needed underlying set of standards requires a detailed analysis of the relevant parameters as well as a continuous focus on improvement. We are happy to help you achieve this quality and to standardize this process, either by creating the right parameters or by providing valuable production-consistency information.

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