Amagoo picture retouching examples

Move the arrows from left to right to see the picture before/after retouching.

Watch how-to-video

Make the chairs look like new

These chairs are not the newest anymore. What to do? If you need a quick solution: call Amagoo, send us the picture and we will make them look like new.

Remove the lamps

The assignment was clear: those lamps need to go! Easier said than done. Behind the lamps there are plants, pictures and other objects. The perfect job for our picture retouching team.

Redecorating your work space? This is how we did it...

Not only the reflections distract from the essential in the picture. Also the mood of the picture was adjusted and entire elements were redesigned. As a result the room looks cleaned-up, elegant, cheerful and bright and there are no disturbing elements laying around. By the way, the cool furniture can be bought at Lista Office.

Warm and cool

For this assignment we were asked to give the images more colour, coolness and warmth. How do you like it?

Portrait optimization for high-end offset printing

A wonderful picture made by Roger Oberholzer ( But how to adapt the picture to achieve a perfect reproduction (for example in offset printing) on paper or digital? See for yourself and move the arrow...

Chocolate retouching in 15 seconds

If you are interested in how to achieve a quick and dirty chocolate retouching, have a look at this video. Of course we also make perfect pictures of chocolate...:)

One more...

Well, what shall we say... This is what you get when your picture retouching team gets their hands on a picture from colleagues :)