IT service catalogue

Your personal contact from the region

We deliberately serve customers from the region that can be reached quickly. A lot can be controlled remotely these days - but we value the personal contact with our customers and regularly visit them on-site.

No binding contract

We are happy to make an agreement on availability and maintenance. But it is also possible to purchase our services on the go - whatever fits your needs.

We speak a clear and comprehensible language

We have to find out what it is exactly that you need, therefore we will ask you some questions. But we speak your language and we will not confuse you with unnecessary terminology.

What our customers buy from us

Customers from different industries use Amagoo's IT Services – trust companies, beverage retailers or media companies. We cover a comprehensive list of software, hardware and cloudware which you need for your company:

  • Server, network and security components
  • WLAN solutions
  • E-mail server from Microsoft (Hosted Exchange)
  • Microsoft 365
  • PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles
  • TV, Beamer
  • Accessories, cables

Here you can find the list of manufacturers, which you can buy from us.

Consultancy and conception

  • inventory
  • project meetings
  • infrastructure design

Workstation support

  • PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles
  • Microsoft Office
  • Windows

Server and network

  • Server and virtualization, backup
  • E-mail server
  • Network components
  • Firewall

When you buy a 20h bundle package, we offer these services for 180 CHF per h.

Please contact us for more information