Packaging Prepress Automation

We produce large amounts of artwork and print data on a daily basis. With the right tools and smart workflows we manage to set a high standard at an attractive price.

Common projects

Connecting an ERP to the Esko AE, optimization of an already existing Esko AE, cloud-based prepress workflow




Purchasing or cloud? Multiple criteria play a role when choosing a technologie. There is no standard answer. Depending on the requirements it can be either one or a mixture of both. We offer both solutions.

Packbox is the gateway to automation for printers. Hidden behind it is a house filled with latest technologies which can be used to increase efficiency. This way you are always up-to-date with the latest changes and you bare no investment risk. Learn more about Packbox.


We know our solutions to the last detail. And what we do not know, we learn. Does your company have sufficient resources in order to provide this knowledge yourself? We look forward to get to know you.

To all others we offer our know-how, to get the best out of your technologies. Learn here about the products that we destribute and integrate.

    Standardized processes

    We are specialized in analyzing, standardizing and redesigning processes. We apply established methods such as value stream mapping (VSM). Again and again we are amazed to see the extent of possibilities that appear when you step away from the existing setup and replace it with the newest insights and technologies.

    Leading companies such as Clondalkin or CCL rely on us and count on Amagoo solutions.

    Amagoo integrates Esko

    Solutions: Esko offers a wide range of software and hardware which simplify packaging production.

    Partner status: Amagoo integrates Esko solutions for corporate customers in Europe.


    Amagoo integrates GlobalVision

    Solutions: GlobalVision offers a comprehensive range of software and hardware products that massively simplify the quality control of print products.

    Partner status: Amagoo integrates GlobalVision solutions for customers in the DACH region.


    Amagoo integrates The Grey Elephant

    Solutions: The Grey Elephant develops software for the packaging printing industry, such as Brain4Tools.

    Partner status: Amagoo integrates The Grey Elephant solutions for end-customers in Switzerland and Austria.


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